My Favorite Food Spots in St George, Utah

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Saint George in Utah is a beautiful city. A great spot for explorations of the Zion National Park. Even in and around town, St George has a lot to offer. There are numerous hikes close around the city. But after a long and adventurous day, you have to get some good food. Here my favorite spots to eat in St. George.

A great spot right downtown is the Ancestor Square. There are many great Restaurants located right on the square. The square is only a short walk away from some downtown hotels like the Best Western Coral Hills.

Besides the many restaurants here, there is a nice park in the center of them and some shops around it. Great place to come and hang out before or after your dining experience. The parking lot up front seems small. Don’t worry if there is no spot available. There is a huge parking lot in the back and you should be able to find an open space there.

George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub

In my eyes the best place on the square. Especially because they serve Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and I’ve been there for all three. Well, lunch and dinner menu is basically the same.

Breakfast in the morning was great. I decided to go with the Big Hand Café Breakfast (2 eggs, hash browns, toast + bacon or sausage if you want). Most of the time I had a burger for lunch and dinner. The George’s all natural cheeseburger was my favorite. I highly recommend going with their sweet potato fries. Just the best you can get. On the weekend they play live music and it is just a fun place to hang out.

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Pizza Factory and Pasta Factory

Basically the same restaurant and not. They are in the same building but you choose if you are more into pasta or pizza. I haven’t tried the Pasta Factory but the pizza they make in the Pizza Factory is amazing.

Rich on flavors and delicious. Because of the lack of time I had my pepperoni pizza delivered to the Best Western Coral Hills.

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More Ancestor Square Restaurants

Benja’s Thai Garden and Sushi


Painted Pony Restaurant

I haven’t been to either one. I just want to list them here to give you the full list of restaurants and that there is even sushi here at the Ancestor Square.

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Dining above St. George

Cliffside Restaurant

The name tells you already everything you have to know about the location. This amazing restaurant is located right on the cliff with a great view of the valley and the whole town of St. George. The airport used to be up here on that plateau but the new St. George Municipal Airport got moved out of town. This is not only a restaurant it is a hotel as well and you can stay right along the edge of the cliff.

I came here with a reservation made earlier that day and so wanted to sit outside on their patio to have an unobstructed view of the valley. But lucky as I am, it was a windy day, well you could almost say a stormy day. The wind was blowing so hard it knocked over full glasses of water. They have a small windbreaker outside but if you sit right along the cliffside of the patio, it doesn’t protect you a lot but helps a little bit.

Most people who wanted to sit outside as well moved to the inside because of the wind blowing through. I, however, stayed until I finished my meal. It was a great experience. Never did “storm dining”. On the other side, the wind was not bad, it was a hot day and the wind blowing through helped to cool it down a bit but it was not that cold that you would freeze from the wind.

I started off my meal here with a small Ceasar Salad followed by a New York Strip Steak. The food was great, my steak was cooked medium as ordered and it tasted just great. This is a real great spot to come for dinner around sunset time. You can’t really see the sunset because the sun goes down just on the opposite side of the restaurant and cliff. However, you will see the colors changing throughout the city.

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