Encounter with World Travelers from Swiss

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This week I meet Marco and Tina with their Toyota and Beate with her Nissan Patrol. We all met by coincidence. First, these guys met back on their trips and kept traveling together. They camped in Panama City together. I was driving out to Amador as I saw the swiss license plates of the two cars at the parking spot.

Of course, I had to say hello and started talking about their trip through North- and South America as well as about my deployment here. It was a great time meeting these people. Unfortunately, it was the end of Beate’s trip and she went back home from here.

Marco and Tina will continue their trip south. Way down to South America. The parking spot near “Plaza del La Cultura y Las Etnias” seems to be a very attracting parking spot for travelers like them. There are free toilets and showers at the yacht club and also some laundry machines.
You can read about the trip of Marco and Tina on their Blog as well as of Beate’s journey on her homepage

Unfortunately, we talked too much and it was very interesting that I forgot to take pictures at day. But anyway it should give you a small impression 🙂

Panama: Cerro Azul and Cabanas 4×4
The Panama Canal

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