Panama: Cerro Azul and Cabanas 4×4

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If you are looking for a cool get-away in Panama far away from the civilization you have to come to the Cabanas 4×4 at Cerro Azul. It’s approx. a 1,5 hour drive to get there from the airport, but it took me longer because I stopped a lot to take pictures and enjoyed the beautiful view. Make sure you have a real 4×4 Pick-Up or similar, a regular car with 4×4 will not work. Trust me! You probably see it on my pictures in this post.

I found this place as I was doing some research for geocaches in Panama and found the Cache (Cerro Azul 4×4 GC2M4NC). The place is not to hard to find and you don’t need offline maps to find the place or cache. You can see already a sign “Cerro Azul” on the main Highway (Carretera Panamericana).


To get there it’s pretty easy but you should have some experience in driving in off road terrain. In the so-called summertime from December to April the road is well compacted and you don’t need any special equipment but in the rainy season from May to November you may have to use traction tires and special equipment, it really depends how much it rained. From the airport follow the Panamerican Highway. You will get to an overpass, should be the second one on the way there, where you can see a sign to “Cerro Azul” from here on keep following this road until you see the next sign where you have to turn left towards Cerro Azul. Follow this street and follow the signs to “Cabana 4×4”. You will see them every now and then but it’s pretty much only one road going there.


Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul

At the fork in the road which you can see in the picture here, take a left and follow the road. You will see signs from now on where to turn.



Cabanas 4x4
Cabanas 4×4

At the entrance to the place it’s best to put your truck in 4L going down the hill. Shortly before you arrive there you have to cross a small river be careful here.


Here some pictures which I took on my way up:

As I arrived I met Ana she lives here and owns the place. She gave me a tour through the area and told me a lot about there cabines and even the history of this place. You will meet here too when you get there. She is a nice woman and fun to talk with.


If you are here for geocaching it’s pretty easy to find the cache but be careful that none of the guests spots you when you take the cache out or when you place it back. One of the best things for me was the drive here. I love off-road driving.


In the case that you would like to make a reservation or call about the road condition you can call Ana:

+507 6680 3076

+507 6767 6535


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