Flightdiary.com becomes myFlightradar24.com

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One of the more famous plane travel tracking sites, Flightdiary.com, became now part of Flightradar24.com. The existing databases have been moved to my.flightradar24.com and you don’t need to re-enter all your data.

On the other side if you are a Flightradar24 user you can now track all the flights you took and get detailed statistics.

Flightdiary launched 2010 and shortly after got bought by Flightradar24. However, it was not until recently when the two sites were merged to give you better tracking options. Flightradar24 will work on an even better ways to integrate it into its site.

There were also a few visual updates to the site but mainly it stayed the same site as before just under a different domain.  650 additional airlines and 3300 airports were added to create a more complete and detailed database.

Your personal and detailed statistics.

In the beginning, the banners were not working but that seems to be fixed now.

My Flightdiary.net profile

But the biggest drawback I see at the moment is when you add new flights. Before it was easier and faster. You entered the date and the airline and flight number and flightdiary.com took care of the rest. It automatically got the departure and arrival airport, flight times, airplane and even the tail number of the airplane. Now you have to enter all that information manually. Hopefully, this will be upgraded in the future again to the “old” standard.

Let’s see how this continues in the future. Which service are you using to log all your flights?

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