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Do you want to track your globetrotting progress on your smartphone? Yes, there is an app for it. I searched for one to use on my Android phone and found Countries Been. The app is also available for iOS. If you like to track your travels you might wanna check out some websites to track your flights: Openflights,, and

The app has a lot of features and comes in a nice and modern design.

Show Countries as a list.
Show countries on a globe.

Besides visited countries, you can also mark countries if you have lived there or which once are on your bucket list. You can even download the different states for a lot of countries like USA, Germany, Austria, Canada,…and track the progress separately for the individual states.

Show your countries as a list with a flat map or an interactive 3D globe which you can spin.

By clicking on a country you can get more detailed information about the country. Like the capitol city, average temperature and rain throughout the year, images, Wikipedia and WikiVoyage entries.


Country Info


With Countries Been, you can share a world map with the countries of your lists and a number and percentage of how many countries you have already visited.

Share your progress.

You can create an account or use your Google or Facebook account to sign in. This ensures that your data gets synced across devices. As an alternative you can use the app completely without an account and all the data will be stored locally. If you lose your device or change it, you have to start from scratch. Also, this mode seems to have some glitches. I used it first to test the app and a while later it asked me again if I want to sign in. It stored all my country data but not the states I downloaded. Ever since I use the app with an account, I haven’t experienced any issues so far.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple Store but will show ads. You can upgrade for €2,09 to remove the ads.

Hopefully, this app gets some more features over time. It would be great to be able to track cities you have been to as well.

‎Countries Been
‎Countries Been
Developer: Daniel Knoblauch
Price: Free+

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