Log My Flight: The Newest and Best Flight Logger Site on the Web

Do you log your flights? I do and I like the statistics such sites give you. See my post about openflights.org. Especially how much time you “wasted” in the air. I am using at the moment three websites to log my flights, including logmyfligh.net. Logmyflights.net is the newest addition and got released not too long ago. Other sides seem to be outdated and development is kinda on a halt.

Not with Logmyflight.net! Version 2 of the website is scheduled to be online by the end of the year, beginning of next year. I am very excited about that.

The website offers so much more than all the other sides, but also lacks quite a lot of features. However, new features will get added over time. Right now the focus is on releasing version 2 of logmyflight.net. Besides more features, it will have a new look and improved speed.

I love how much details you can add to your flights. Everything from personal notes, departure and arrival gate and runway, delays and ratings.

The site is pretty new and has only a 160 users at the moment. I hope the site grows and gets more users quickly. This would make it more fun to compete in the community challenges and see how well traveled you are compared to other users.

Besides the community competition, there are achievements for differents actions. Like how many miles you have been flown or how many different aircraft types you used.

Take a look at this example page!

Logmyflight.net gives you everything you need to get you going. Get familiar with the site and note all the information you can’t find on your boarding pass, like arrival gate or take-off and landing runway.


Other Flight Tracking Sites




I use the first two but not flightmemory. The site only had static maps and the competition had dynamic maps allowing you to zoom in.


If you use openflights.org or flightdiary.com you can export your flights from that site and import it straight to logmyflight.net

I know, the website only shows it can import flightdiary.com data. However, there was an announcement on logmyflight.net’s Facebook page that importing openflights.org data also works and that’s what I did. Flightdiary had server issues and I was not able to export my data when I set up my account at logmyflight.net

Which one of the services do you use? Do you know another one and would like to share?

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