Map your flight history

Ever wondered how much miles and time you have spent in total in the air? I did and after some searching on the web I found

Once you created an account you can map all your flights and you get detailed statistics on how much miles you have flown, how much time in the air, your most flown routes. You can get a Top10 list of flown routes, airlines, aircrafts and airports. Heck it even tells you how much you have spent in the different fare classes, seats and if it was for work or leisure. You can also log cruises, train rides and on the road.

Getting your data into OpenFlights is very easy if you use TripIt. The import is really easy and you can even select what plans of TripIt you want to import. If you have used FlightMemories before, you can also import data from there. If you haven’t used any of this services, you have to add all the flights one by one. Which could be a lot of work, depending on your amounts of flights.

After you have everything imported you get a world map with all your flights and you also get a banner for forums and your website/blog.

Unfortunately I am missing one year of extensive travel with a lot of flights. My statistics are a bit off, but still a cool tool. Try it out. The site and service are fee and open-source. However if you donate an annually fee, you get some extras like no more ad banners.

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