FWEE Hydro Cache Challenge completed

Last week I wrote about the Hydro Cache Challenge and the Three Dam Tour Challenge. All began with the flyer of the FWEE Hydro Cache Challenge. My plan for the weekend was to do a run to four dams to complete this Hydro Cache Challenge, because you have to visit 5 participating dams. As I got to the first dam of my weekend tour – the Grand Coulee Dam – I found out about the Three Dam Tour Challenge. That means with just one run I can complete two challenges at once. Isn’t that awesome.

I set out to do the three Dam Tour and you can read all about it on the post here in my blog. Sunday night I also virtually stamped my passport of the FWEE Hydro Cache Challenge online and received yesterday my patch in the mail. This two challenges were fun and I would like to do more of this type.


I know there are Geotours on geocaching.com, which are similar to this once. But if you know about more challenges let me know in the comment section. Also check out my Geocaching Challenge Index here on my blog. Here you can find challenges not listed on the official geocaching homepage and maybe kinda hard to find out about them, if you don’t know where to look for.

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