FWEE Hydro Cache Challenge

On my trip to a project in eastern Washington state, I stopped for some caches. One of these caches was the Wanapum Dam Overlook. In this cache, I found a flyer for the “Hydro Cache Challenge“. Curious as I am – took the flyer and checked out the challenge. It’s pretty simple. You have to visit 5 of the locations they show on the cache challenge website and fill out a form there. After that, you will get a patch mailed to you. This is a pretty cool challenge and you actually get something physical in return for your “hard” work.

Hydro Cache Challenge

Once you visit the site, it shows you all the dams and if you click on the one you get a list of all the caches at this site. You only need to find one per dam. Some dams have only one cache other sites have multiple caches.

For better orientation, below is the official map, but some sites missing the dam name so you have to zoom in very close and let Google tell you the name. You will find the same map on the FWEE website.

View Hydro Cache Challenge Sites in a larger map

I will try to complete this challenge this weekend and see if I can get the patch. I am very excited about it. FYI you can see the patch above in the banner image. Here some photos of my visit today.

Wanapum Dam Overlook

Wanapum Dam Overlook


Wanapum Dam

Wanapum Dam


I have to say I was impressed by the sheer size of this structure and river. I like the idea behind it and hope, that more challenges like this arise.

You will stamp your passport online and you always can add more “stamps”. You have to select your name from the list of participating people. Don’t worry, they will only see your name but not your address, which you have to provide to get the patch shipped to you.

What do you think about this challenge?

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