Geocaching Planetary Pursuit Is About to Take Off

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A couple weeks back, Geocaching started teasing something called the Planetary Pursuit.

Now we know more about it. It’s another special geocaching promotion which will let you earn up to 10 new souvenirs for your profile. Check out the official webpage with the countdown. I love this awesome idea of Geocaching as I am very interested in space and space travel with all the recent experiences I had at the Kennedy Space Center. This is similar to the previous promotions Geocaching had like Mission Impossible and “The Treasure of Mary Hyde“.

The official mission briefing

The year is 2650. You are invited to join the Geocaching Explorers Club and be among the first geocachers to visit every planet in our solar system earning souvenirs along the way. Individually find different cache types to collect points on the Friend League between March 19 and April 8 and earn up to nine planet souvenirs to become an Official Space Explorer. The Friend League will reset to zero on Monday, April 9 at noon UTC.

Different geocache types give you different points per find. Below you can find the official lists how much points you will earn for each cache type and how many of the points you have to collect for the different souvenirs.

Point Value
Action Point value
Log a Found it on any geocache (Traditional, Virtual, Webcam, Wherigo) 5
Log a Found it on a Multi-Cache or Letterbox Hybrid 10
Log a Found it on a Mystery Cache or EarthCache 15
Log a Found it on a geocache with 10 or more Favorite points 15
Attend any event 15
Drop off trackable 4
Souvenirs  Points needed on the Friend League (individual)
Planetary Pursuit: Earth 5 points
Planetary Pursuit: Venus 10 points
Planetary Pursuit: Mercury 20 points
Planetary Pursuit: Mars 40 points
Planetary Pursuit: Jupiter 65 points
Planetary Pursuit: Saturn 100 points
Planetary Pursuit: Uranus 200 points
Planetary Pursuit: Neptune 300 points
Planetary Pursuit: Pluto 500 points
Official Space Explorer Collect all planet souvenirs (500 points) and earn this meta souvenir.

You can play all over the world to earn the souvenirs. Make sure you activate your Friends League first and then continue to find geocaches.

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