A German Bakery in the Middle of Nowhere in Utah

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I couldn’t believe when I saw the signs on the side of the street about a German Bakery in Utah. I first encountered the signs on my crazy road trip through all counties in Utah to complete the Geocaching GeoTour. It was late when I passed through the area and I didn’t have time for this detour.

Now I am back in southern Utah and used the time to drive from Saint George through the Zion National Park to the German Bakery located in Orderville, UT.

The Forscher German Bakery is easy to find. It is located off to the right on Utah State Highway 89 going north. Plenty of parking is available. However, my GPS told me the wrong location of the bakery. If you head north the bakery is at the end of Orderville to your right. Going south check your left just before you go into downtown Orderville.


Pastry Case

As a true German, I had to go in and try their pastries. It was already late afternoon when I arrived and the pastry cases were already low on some stuff. To my luck, they had one of my favorite German pastries the Bienenstich (translated one to one: bee sting).

I was so excited and couldn’t wait to taste it. The last time I had one of these delicious pieces of German bakery tradition was probably over a year ago. I sat down on the front patio and took my first bite of the Bienenstich. It tasted just like the original I am used to getting from the bakery in the small village I grew up. I couldn’t tell the difference.

Bienenstich Pastry


A brief history of the Bakery

Born and raised in a baker’s family in Netherland near the German border, Chris Odekerken opened this bakery on April 26th, 2014 in the small town of Orderville. Chris sold his bakery at home to move to the US in 2004 at the age of 53.

A new Forscher German Bakery is supposed to open in Torrance, California soon.

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