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Finally, after thousands of miles and hours of driving, I finally completed my hardest Geocaching Tour so far. The Visit Utah GeoTour.

I recommend you to read the previous posts about my adventures with this GeoTour.

It took me a couple more weekends to complete this tour. I got to see a lot of the beautiful Utah landscape and many places I would like to come back and explore further.

The amount of driving was crazy and that’s why I stayed overnight and continued the next morning, instead of driving back to my home base in Salt Lake City and start all over the next day.

Most geocaches were hidden close to the road or a parking lot, which actually helped a lot to complete this challenge quicker and able to do about 3-4 counties a day. Normally I like more demanding geocaches and great hides. But if you need half a day or more for just one cache, this GeoTour will be a lifelong adventure. There is a saying – “The journey becomes the destination.” and it’s definitely true for this GeoTour. I have never driven on so many beautiful and scenic routes like on this geocache challenge.

The make of the GeoTour give you a partial route and you will have to find your own route to connect the dots, or in our case, caches. This gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility.

Depending on where you live, this GeoTour is a huge challenge. Even if you live in Utah, as I did temporarily for a month, it takes you quite some time to finish this tour. Imagine living in a state which doesn’t neighbor Utah, you have to spend a lot of time traveling back and forth. The boring part is traveling on the main interstates.

Once you get off the main interstates you are driving sometimes for quite a while before seeing another person on the road. This made it actually more interesting and feel like an expedition into the unknown. There are so many beautiful places here in Utah that I want to explore more. Most of them are located in southern and eastern Utah. I love the amazing canyons and rivers. Moab is probably Utah’s adventure capital. They offer everything from river rafting, zip-lining, off-roading, hiking, and much more.

Luckily I had the right cars to complete this challenge. Some caches should only be tried with a car with high clearance like a Pick-Up Truck or an SUV. For the most part, I had the Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer
Ford Explorer

I got to see a lot of the National Parks located in Utah and a lot of their great State Parks.

Because of this GeoTour, Utah is the first state in which I found caches in every single county.

Utah State Map
Utah State Map


Now it’s time for me to fill out the surveys for 29 counties to receive the patches, jacket, and the Geocoin (as soon as it is ready).

Below are pictures from the latest explorations out into the amazing Utah landscape. The funniest part about this was that the counties around Salt Lake City were the ones I finished last.

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