Get $20 in Savings with ExxonMobil Speedpass+ (Plenti)

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ExxonMobil is offering a generous promotion for signing up for Speedpass+. Speedpass+ is ExxonMobil’s mobile payment app which lets you purchase fuel super easy.

All you have to do is sign up for a Speedpass+ account add a credit card, a bank account, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. It seems Android Pay is for whatever reason not supported.

I added my credit card and after that, I linked my Plenti account in the app. If you follow my blog you probably read about Plenti. Plenti is a free rewards program owned by American Express. You can earn points by shopping in stores or online and redeem them at most of the same locations.

Additional Plenti Tip: Once you have a Plenti account download the app and check before every gas station visit if there is a new offer. ExxonMobil publishes offers like double points for your next fuel purchase or a certain amount of extra points for fuel or convenience store items.

ExxonMobil gives you 2000 Plenti points when you use the app to fill up your car with at least 10 gallons and you have to do this 3 times. 2000 Plenti points equal $20 in savings. You can use these points at the gas station or other participating stores like Macy’s. This is really a great deal. You have to fill your car up, either way, to get to work or wherever you are going, why not get $20 extra just for what you do anyway.

With Speedpass+ you can even use your Apple Watch or Ford vehicle infotainment system (Sync3) to pay for the fuel at the gas station. The app lets you search for the nearest ExxonMobil station as well.

How does Speedpass+ work?

I already tried it once and here a short tutorial. Once you are at the gas station open the app and push the button “Pay for Fuel”. The app will double-check with your current location at which gas station you are and it will show you a screen to select the pump you want to use. That’s it. You have to confirm your selection one last time and now you can get out and fill up your tank. It worked flawlessly on my first visit and without delay. By the time I got out of my vehicle the pump was authorized and I was able to fill up. In a case where the app can’t find the gas station you are at, it asks you to scan the QR code which is located at every pump and you go from there. This is actually a pretty easy and quick way to pay for fuel. Especially if you can do it right from your vehicle with Ford SYNC3 or your Apple Watch.

This offer is valid until August 31, 2017, which should give you plenty of time to fill up your car 3 times with at least 10 gallons each. Your stops don’t have to be consecutive or you can even use your credit card to pay if you forgot your phone (seriously, you forgot your phone?) and use the app the next time.


Seems like Speedpass+ is becoming a “Slowpass+” when you try to fill up your tank twice or more within 24 hours. The app lets you fill your tank a second time within 24 hours but you have to add a new payment method like a second credit card. This is stupid. Ever went on a road trip ExxonMobil? Yes, it’s very common to fill up your car twice within 24 hours especially if there is a long stretch with no gas stations.

Full Speedpass+ Promotion Terms.

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