Icelandair – Hekla Aurora in Seattle

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Not to long ago I reported about Icelandair’s Hekla Aurora, the plane designed to bring the beauty of the northern lights across the globe. The design is awesome.

For the visit of Hekla Aurora, a Boeing 757, a couple of weeks ago, I was unfortunately out-of-town. This weekend I got at least a little bit lucky and was able to take pictures of Hekla Aurora leaving Seattle on Saturday late afternoon.

FI680 left the gate at around 4:30 pm this afternoon and I was able to capture the departure. Unfortunately Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) is not the best airport for plane spotters.

I also tried to capture the arrival of Hekla Aurora on late Friday afternoon as scheduled, but my flight tracker gave me an alert already early Friday morning, that the plane will leave the gate about 2 hours late. That puts the arrival time in Seattle to late to take pictures, because it will be to dark outside. Friday was a gorgeous day. The perfect weather for plane spotting unlike today, it was cloudy and wet. Still got a couple good photos.

Icelandair Hekla Aurora
Icelandair Hekla Aurora
Icelandair Hekla Aurora
Icelandair Hekla Aurora
Icelandair Hekla Aurora
Icelandair Hekla Aurora

Hopefully one day I can also fly on the plane.

I used the chance also to take pictures of some other planes. You can find them all in the gallery here or on Flickr.

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