Iceland Air: Meet Hekla Aurora

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Iceland is known for its beautiful winter landscape and the northern lights, an amazing natural spectacle. That’s why Iceland Air decided to paint one of their Boeing 757’s in this beautiful colors and flies it across the Atlantic daily.

I have to say the airplane turned out very well and I love the design. But highlight is probably not the exterior painting, it’s the interior LED-lightning, which mimics the beauty of the northern lights.

The passengers love it.

I always wanted to experience the northern lights myself. On my previous Iceland Air trip I discovered their stopover service. If you fly across the Atlantic you can stopover in Iceland for up to 7 days with no additional charge. I will try to use this in one of my future trips.

Here is a short making of:

The current timetable can be found on Iceland Air’s website. Changes can occur anytime without notice, but it gives you a way to plan and see the airplane at one of the airports, if you can’t fly with it.

I am hoping they are bringing it to Seattle (SEA) and hopefully I am not out-of-town. That would give me a chance to take at some pictures of the plane. Which would be a great fit in my collection.

Photo (c) Iceland Air


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