Hilton Panama Opens Alienware-Themed Room

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If you are a gamer and geek, I am sure you heard of Alienware before. Alienware is the “gaming-brand” of Dell. Alienware is mostly known for its powerful gaming laptops and computers.

In cooperation with Alienware, the Hilton in Panama City has now a fully Alienware-themed room.

You will find a 65-inch 4K OLED TV, an Alienware PC, Alienware Laptop hooked up to a 34-inch ultrawide monitor, Oculus Rift, Racing Chair and Alienware Gaming Peripherals all over the room. Besides that, you will see the Alienware Logo and Name all over the place in the room.

Did I mention that the room has also two beds for you to use, but I bet you won’t get much sleep here? Yeah, the room offers a nice beach view, but in that case, you will barely notice the view of the outside with all the great hardware on the inside. This is the ultimate man cave.

According to rumors on the internet, the room will go for around $350 per night. It might be worth it with all the gear in there and considering the price hike of graphics cards because of the Bitcoin price.

I am usually not staying at Hilton hotels, as I have my other favorites and usually they are around the same price. Considering to stay in this Alienware-themed room, I would let me convince to change hotel. I probably wouldn’t even use the bed, just to stay busy with the gaming machines. It would be interesting to know if the hotel will reset them after every guest or if they come pre-loaded with games. If not, they better have a high-speed internet, otherwise, you pay the first night just to download games.



[Photos courtesy of Alienware]


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