Holiday Inn Express Lompoc Review

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The Holiday Inn Express Lompoc is located on the northern end of the city next to Highway 1. There are a few hotels in this area as well as many restaurants and shops. Highway 1, also known as H Street in Lompoc, is a very busy road going through town. The location of the hotel makes it easy to get to the hotel and wherever you need to go. However, it’s not close to the city center and you would have to drive there. Parking is free throughout the city and readily available.

Holiday Inn Express Lompoc


I arrived around 6 p.m. at the hotel and parked in front of the main entrance. Once inside you have to walk up a few stairs to get to the front desk. There is also an ADA/compliant ramp just to the left of the main entrance. Check-in was quick and easy. I asked if they could change my room from one with two Queen beds to a room with one King bed and it was no problem to get that changed. When I booked earlier today, they only showed rooms with 2 Queen beds and a Standard room available. No more availability for a King Bed Room. Maybe someone canceled, I was just happy that I got it. The bedroom with two Queen beds had actually the cheapest rate during the time of booking.

Entrance to the Lobby

King Bed (Room 226)

This room is located in building A, which is at the far end of the property. There are plenty of parking spots all around the building. However, the elevator is on the north side of the building and outside. You need your room key to actually call the elevator. Alternatively, you can use the stairs, which are inside the building, for which you need your room key as well to enter. My room was the second one on the right side.

I really liked the bathroom. The shower has a neat convex sliding door. There are shampoo and conditioner dispensers inside the shower. Water pressure and temperature is great. Next to the shower is the toilet. This area has a door that separates it from the rest of the room. The vanity is outside the bathroom as well as all the towels. 

Next to the main room door is a dressing mirror and a small counter on the small separator wall. 

The King Bed has a nightstand on either side as well as headboard-mounted lights. The power outlets on either side of the bed also have two USB ports each. Directly opposite the bed is a large closet that also houses the in-room safe. To the left of the closet are a microwave, coffee maker, and medium-sized refrigerator. 

To the right of the closet is a suitcase stand with three hooks above it. Next to it is a small work desk with an office chair. There are wall-mounted power outlets as well as USB ports.

Next to the bed is also a one-arm chaise lounge chair and a large, wall-mounted lamp. 

The view from the room was mainly obstructed by trees right outside the building. Even without the obstruction, there is nothing interesting to see except a large storage yard. 

Below the window, you have the A/C unit which can be regulated from the controller on the wall between the living space and bathroom area.

What me annoyed the most was that the door wouldn’t lock by itself. If you leave your room, make sure the door falls into the lock and is secured. Most of the time the door didn’t lock without me pulling it closed.


Public Areas & Amenities

The first public area of pretty much every hotel you get to know is the lobby space. Besides the front desk, they also have a few chairs here to sit down and mingle. It’s probably more of a spot if you want to meet up with friends before heading somewhere. 

Inside the lobby space is also the business center. Its located in the corner of the room and is separated partially by a small wall. There is no door separating the business center from the rest of the lobby. Inside you find one desk with a workstation and one empty desk. There is also a printer and a giant trash can.

Business Center

Next to the business center, in the other corner of the room is a small marketplace. You can get beverages and small snacks here. The market wasn’t very well stocked. Half of the shelves were empty as well most of the refrigerator. Also not a big selection on drinks.

The pool is outdoor in front of Building B, the one with the Lobby. You need your room key to enter the pool area. Even though it is located between the road and the hotel building, it is relatively secluded thanks to trees and bushes between the road and pool area. There is a well-sized pool as well as a jacuzzi. At the far end of the pool area is a shower.

The fitness center at this property is located in the building behind the lobby. It is Building C. It houses the fitness center and a conference room as well as restrooms. The fitness center has a good selection of workout equipment. Here you need also your room key to get into the building.



Well, there is not much to say about dining here. Breakfast is a cheap to-go bag. Inside is a pastry from a local bakery, a small box of orange juice, a banana and yogurt with no spoon. I don’t know how they think we would eat the yogurt as there is no silverware either in the rooms. The breakfast bags are set up on the coffee stand, where you also grab your coffee. Coffee is supposed to be available 24 hours a day according to the flyer they hand you when checking in. Coffee is now only available during breakfast hours. Other than that, you can grab some items from the not-so-well-stocked market, as mentioned earlier. 

The good news, however, is that there is plenty of food nearby. Directly across the main entrance of the hotel, is The Habit Burger Grill and Wing Stop. The hotel practically shares the same driveway as these two places. It’s really a super short walk there. Not too far from there is Blaze Pizza, a Panda Express, and KFC. These are really within walking distance. There are a few more restaurants and pizza places also in walking distance. If you crave Starbucks, there is one across Cabrillo Hwy. It’s a bit of a walk to get to it, as you have to walk to the intersection to cross the busy street. 

You won’t go hungry, as long as you are not relying on the hotel to feed you, especially in the morning. It’s sad. At this point, I still haven’t figured out what the 3% service charge is good for as there is basically no service. Currently, they offer less service than what they offered before the pandemic started.


My stay at the Holiday Inn Express Lompoc was pleasant. My room was clean and they seem to offer daily housekeeping. However, all other services are cut to a minimum, like the 24h coffee and fruit basket or the breakfast. The only positive thing about the service fee, it was clearly marked during the booking process, even in their mobile app. I knew about the fee but I wanted to book this hotel to compare the hotel to the nearby Surestay Plus by Best Western. As there will be more rocket launches in the future, I will try to stay at all the hotels of the major chains. 

Holiday Inn Express Lompoc

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