Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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I can’t believe that Christmas is here and the year is almost over again. It feels like it just started last week. Workwise it was another very busy year for me. It seems like you can’t run away from work. It always finds you. 😉

Even tho, I was traveling a lot, the Christmas spirit was everywhere. I visited Chicago and was able to get on a Christmas Market. In Germany, especially Bavaria all the Christmas Markets got canceled due to Covid. But what a coincidence, I met many people from Germany in Chicago as well some of the concessionaires actually were from Europe, including Germany. A few of them even were from Augsburg, a beautiful city in Bavaria, Germany with an amazing Christmas Market.

The later half of December before Christmas, I did spend in Seattle. Unfortunately no snow yet in the city. Snow is forecasted for the weekend.

The Christmas spirit is ubiquitous. Everyone is just happy, cheerful, and ready for the holidays. 

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic is still not over and a new variant just emerged. Countries are on the brink of lockdown and travel restrictions again. As of right now, it doesn’t look like these restrictions will hit inside the US but international travel could be severely affected. 

That’s why I decided to not go home and celebrate Christmas with family in Germany. I will wait a few weeks and go there in late January, beginning of February. Depending on the imposed restrictions, if any. It sucks, it is the second year away from family during Christmas. I always spent Christmas at home my whole life.

Unfortunately, airfares are sky-high at the moment too. Airlines taking advantage of the desperate needs of people to see family and putting absorbent prices on tickets. Especially between the U.S. and Europe as the U.S. had their borders closed for about 1.5 years to everyone from Europe. Of course, there were some “workaround” to still get in but as the situation was and still is fluent. I just don’t want to jeopardize it right now.

You could go to bed and wake up the next morning and borders are closed. This was also the unfair treatment of people like me during the 1.5 years of border closure in the U.S. I live in the U.S. now for many many years but since I am only on a visa, I wasn’t allowed to re-enter the country. Even though my whole life is here in the U.S. I have my health care here, I work and live here, but they wouldn’t let me back in if I would have left. 

As the Omicron variant now became the dominant strain in the U.S. and scientists are still not sure how severe the variant is, I just don’t want to jinx it by going overseas at the moment. I am just worried the U.S. will close its borders again.

Other than that, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Stay safe and healthy and we see each other again next year.

By the way don’t forget to track Santa.

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