Hyatt Keeps on Giving – 500 Points for Peace of Mind

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Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9, is Hyatt’s Global Day of Gratitude. Everyone can get 500 Hyatt points by completing one of the custom Headspace exercises – Unwind, Reflect, or Sleep within their Hyatt app.  These exercises have a length of 5 and 10 minutes with “Unwind” being the shortest exercise of 5 minutes. 

You basically get 500 points for 5 minutes and you don’t actually have to actively listen to the exercise but I encourage you to do so, especially this year. We all can use some peace of mind.

All you need is the Hyatt app on your smartphone and you will find the Headspace exercises on the main screen of the app when you scroll down. 

Guided meditations from Headspace are also available in-room at participating Hyatt hotels. These medications are designed to improve sleep and overall mindfulness.

If you like the complimentary Headspace meditations in the app or in-room, you can sign up for a 30-day trial of Headspace by using the promo code “HYATT“. (Offer valid through December 31, 2020.)


Enjoy a mindful and rewarding moment
Hyatt’s Global Day of Gratitude is on December 9th, and to recognize and celebrate you, we’re offering 500 Bonus Points for taking time for your mind with Headspace in the World of Hyatt app. Here’s how it works:

On December 9th:

Open the World of Hyatt app. If you don’t have it already, download it here.
Complete one of our custom Headspace exercises — Unwind, Reflect or Sleep.
Enjoy 500 Bonus Points just for nurturing your wellbeing.


Hyatt is going crazy with promotions lately. Many of their promotions can be double-stacked. It is now super easy to earn Hyatt’s top tier status – Globalist – with these promotions. For 2021, Hyatt has dropped the nights required to reach Globalist to 30 and with the promotions going on and recently got extended until March, you can now reach these 30 required nights by just staying 15 nights as every night counts double towards elite qualification. Pretty much all their promotions got extended, including the Work from Hyatt promotion.

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