AA Simply Miles – a Great Way for Additional Miles (Stacking Possible)

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American Airlines has another way for you to earn additional miles with everyday purchases. It is a portal called Simply Miles. Simply Miles is a website that will show you offers for different brands. These miles will then be credited to your American Airlines AAdvantage account. Therefore, you need to have an AA account or sign up for one. Last month I wrote about how gas station visits can give you extra miles

How it works

It is relatively easy. Go to Simply Miles and sign in with your AAdvantage account credentials. It uses the same credentials as you use on aa.com. 

Once logged in you have to add your credit card to your account. At the moment you can use only Mastercards with these offers. It can by any Mastercard and doesn’t have to be a co-branded Mastercard from American Airlines. I used my IHG Mastercard and it just worked fine. After that activate the offers you are interested in or all of them. You don’t have to use them at all when you activate them. After that make the purchase with the card(s) you added to your Simply Miles account and wait for the bonus miles to post. Make sure you keep an eye out to see if they actually post. Otherwise, contact Customer Service.

Simply Miles is open to all US residents with an AAdvantage account. Links to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy as well as FAQ can be found in the footer of the Simply Miles website.

Activating Offers

Mileage earnings depend on different offers. For some, you get a fixed amount of miles for spending a fixed amount of dollars at the specific merchant. Others will give you for example 1 mile per $1 spent. You need to check the offers and read the fine print to make sure your purchase will qualify. To get the full terms of each offer, click on “View Details” of the offer you are interested in and then click on “View full terms & conditions”. 

Make sure you hit the “Add to card” button. Once you did that, there should be a small note on the lower right corner of the offer which tells you that you activated the offer.

Browse Offers

Perfect for Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they have a special Best Buy offer where you can earn 1,000 miles if you spent $200 or more at Best Buy. Again,  make sure you use the same Mastercard(s) you added to your Simply Miles account.



Offers on Simply Miles are usually good for the whole months before they expire. Just keep checking back to see new offers and make sure you activate them. Unfortunately, there is no app yet, but the site is pretty easy to navigate on a mobile browser.


You can stack your offers with other offers. Maybe one of the stores is running a promotion or a sale on items, you can still earn the miles as long as you are within your spending limit and the times you are purchase are not excluded (e.g. gift cards).

You can stack this offer also with other offers from your credit card companies. Chase and Bank of America have a similar offer system on their website. But you have to make sure the card you use from them is actually a Mastercard. At the moment, it won’t work with Visa or American Express cards and offers.

Example: Let’s assume Chase has an offer for your Chase Mastercard where you can earn $20 back if you spent $200 or more at Best Buy. Combine this with the above example you will get this if you spent exactly $200 at Best Buy.

  1. $20 statement credit on your Chase account
  2. 1,000 miles added to your AAdvantage Account

So make sure you check the website of your credit card issuer if they have any overlapping promotions. 


This is a great way to earn American Airlines miles. If you don’t fly AA much, you have to spend a lot of money to get a free ticket or upgrade out of these offers. However, all of these offers are basically free miles. You can always sign up for an AAdvantage account and collect the miles from the offer and maybe you have a flight in the future as well on American and the miles will just accumulate. Make sure you have some activity in your account, otherwise the miles will expire. With American miles expire if there is no activity within 18 months. However, using just one of these offers will extend your deadline another 18 months. 

Make sure you do this rather annually than at the last second. There could be issues of your miles from the Simpy Miles offers not posting in time and then you lose all of your AAdvantage miles if you didn’t have any other activity in the last 18 months. 

Therefore, Simply Miles is a great way for the occasional American Airlines flyer to extend the lifetime of their miles. 

Coronavirus Update

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, AA announced that no miles will expire until the end of this year (2020).

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