Customize Lightroom Classic With Your Personal Identity Plate

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Did you know that you can customize Lightroom CC Classic the way you want it? This tutorial is for Lightroom CC Classic only. It won’t work with Lightroom CC. If you are working with Lightroom Classic and showing your Lightroom screen regularly to other people, like in (video) tutorials or other clients while shooting, wouldn’t it be great if they could see your name or logo in Lightroom instead of the boring “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic” in the top left corner? This part of the program is called Identity Plate which can be customized. With the same settings, you can also alter the size, font, and color of the module picker names on the right side of Lightroom (Library, Develop, Map,…).

You have two options in customizing the Identity Plate. You can use just text with all the fonts you have installed on your computer or you can use a logo and display that instead.

You might already have created a signature watermark for your photos if you want you can use this one as well. It depends on the size, if its a logo which is relatively long rather than high, it’s no problem to use that.

How to access the customization menu to edit your Identity Plate.

  1. Start Lightroom and choose “Identity Plate Setup” under “Edit Menu” on Windows or the Lightroom Menu on Mac. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the Identity Plate itself and choose “Edit Identity Plate”.
  2. A new window will open and you have to select “Personalized” in the drop-down menu next to “Identity Plate”.
  3. Now choose between “Use a styled text identity plate” or “Use a graphical identity plate”

Styled Text Identity Plate

After you selected this option click inside the black box below and start typing your name, company name, or whatever you want to show. You can edit the text with the controls below. You can select different fonts, text sizes and colors for every part of your text. For example, you can change the whole text color or just parts of it. You can even change every single letter if you want to. All up to your creative mind.

Styled Text Identity Plate
Customized Identity Plate

In my screenshots, you see that the font, text size selector below the black box are not scaled right. This is due to the issue that Adobe has made most parts of the program compatible for 4k computer screens, but haven’t gotten or forgotten about the Identity Plate Setup box.

Graphical Identity Plate

Select this option and now either click in the black box or click on the button “Locate File…”. Both of these ways open the same window, where you have to select a graphic file you want to show.

Graphical Identity Plate

Some things you should be aware of if you select a graphic for your identity plate.

  1. Make sure the graphic has a transparent background, otherwise it will show the standard background color of the image, which will not look good in Lightroom.
  2. If you use a high-res screen (I am using a 4k screen) to run Lightroom, you want to make sure your logo has a height of around 120px. It can be a few pixels smaller or bigger, but 120 worked well for me. It is too bad, that Lightroom has no scaling option built into the Graphical Identity Plate Setup.

Customize the Module Picker Buttons

Because we are already customizing the identity plate, why not match the module picker buttons on the right side of the screen as well. You can change the typeface, color, and size of them. It works the same way as the styled text identity plate.

Extra Tip

Lightroom offers quite a few modules, but you probably won’t use all of them. If you want to, you can just show the module picker buttons you use and hide the rest. Here’s how to hide the buttons you don’t need.

  1. First, close the Identity Plate Editor (don’t forget to save all your changes, see below)
  2. Right-click over one of the Module Picker Buttons
  3. A small menu will appear and you just uncheck all the modules you don’t want to see.

I unchecked “Book”, “Print”, and “Web” as I have never used these modules ever. It might be different for you, but it’s just another way to simplify your screen layout and customize Lightroom to your likings.

Save your changes

Before you click the “Ok” button at the bottom of the Identity Plate Editor Window, make sure you save your new logo. This way you can have multiple logos and switch easily back and forward between them.

Save your changes…

To save your setup click on “Custom” next to “Identity Plate” at the top of the window. Select “Save as” and type in a name that is easy for you to recognize which logo it is. There seems to be only one issue, at least for me. The text size doesn’t get saved and when I open a previously saved identity plate, it defaults the text size to “25”, which is too big and cuts off the upper quarter of each letter. I already contacted Adobe and see if there will be a fix soon. The current version of Lightroom I have is 8.4.1.

Some things might be slightly different on Mac but I can’t test it, as I don’t use Mac.

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