Silvercar Is Abandoning All of Its Airport Locations

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Silvercar is changing its business model and a major shift is coming. Starting December 6, 2020, Silvercar will sunset all of its airport locations and shift their focus to Audi Dealerships across the country. This comes during a time where travel is at its all-time lows during the ongoing pandemic. Silvercar has adjusted its rental practices to give you a safe travel experience during the ongoing pandemic.

On August 10, 2020, Silvercar opened its first dealership rental location in Seattle. In terms of location, this place is far from any of the airports in the Seattle area. 

Silvercar Rental Locations by State (click for a list)

I rented from Silercar a few times in the past, but always from airport locations. It was fairly easy to get off the plane and get your Silvercar near the airport. They had different ways of getting you to your Silvercar, depending on the airport location, but it was always easy. 

Now, when they shift to dealerships, you won’t have it that easy anymore to get from the airport to your Silvercar. So for most business travelers this will probably no option anymore to look into when travel picks back up. It will be just too much of a hassle to get to your Silvercar now. It’s easier to rent from any of the other rental car companies.

When you pick up at any of their dealership locations, they also provide you a safe and secure parking spot for your vehicle. I don’t know if there will be a lot of people renting a car when they already have a car. Maybe if they need a bigger car like the Audi Q7, but I don’t know if there is a lot of business in this.

Audi Dealership in Seattle

Besides picking up your Silvercar at the dealership, you can have it also delivered to you. This service will set you back an additional $50 USD per rental. The “Delivery to you” option is available at most of their locations, however, dealership locations were excluded from this. So far there is no updated information available on their website, stay tuned. All of their in-town locations are not affected by the coming change with the information available as of right now.

Silvercar Dealership Promo

You can save 20% off your next rental from an Audi dealership when you use the code “DEALME20”.

*Exclusions do apply and offer is subject to availability. Promo code DEALME20 must be applied at time of rental, not valid after rental has ended. Offer only valid once per customer. Rental must be booked before January 31, 2021. Offer only valid at Silvercar by Audi locations based out of Audi Dealerships. Promotional rate does not include taxes, fees, fuel, or optional coverages. Additional Silvercar promotions may not be used in conjunction with this offer.


Unfortunately, this move will make it harder for me to rent from them. But it makes it may be more appealing for other people and Silvercar might be closer now to some of them as you can rent cars for day trips and weekend getaways right in town or from your dealer nearby.

But you have to look at the bright side of things. Audi acquired Silvercar a few years back and now when you return your car, you can walk straight into the dealership and buy your new Audi. 

What do you guys think? Does the change make Silvercar more attractive to you?

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