TripIt Feature Update – Add Documents to Your Trip

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Tripit just updated its service and allows you to add documents to your itinerary. You can upload screenshots from boarding passes or other confirmation emails. Upload PDF confirmation letters send to you, for example by a tour agency. Or upload the detailed schedule of a booked tour. Everything is now possible within TripIt. All these documents and pictures can be added to the Details screen for your flight, lodging, car rental, activity, and other trip items.

It is a pretty nifty feature as it is always good to have the original messages on hand. Especially in some other countries. They want a picture or copy of the original receipt and not just a filled out TripIt details page. Just below the main information on the details of the trip item. You can add a PDF, add a photo from the library, or take a new photo. It’s pretty convenient and easy. All the documents will then be listed right there.

This feature is available for all TripIt users but there is a small difference. Free users can upload a maximum of three documents per trip while TripIt Pro users can upload up to 25 documents per trip. Each of the files can have a maximum file size of 10 MB. This should be sufficient for most use cases.

Remember this is per trip and not per trip item like flight or rental car. 

I am a convinced TripIt user. I used the service for many years to manage my trips and TripIt Pro is a great feature to have if you are doing a lot of travels. TripIt helped me a lot in the past for Visa applications as you need to fill in exactly when you entered and left the country. If you do multiple flights throughout a year, it’s pretty easy to get lost and it will be hard to find all the required information. I always keep my TripIt Details up to date and therefore I have all the dates right there.


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