Icelandair Is Migrating Its Saga Club Loyalty Program to a New System

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Icelandair frequent fliers and fans, be advised that Saga Club will have limited functionality during a migration process from June 11 – 13. Icelandair is moving its frequent flyer program Saga Club to a new system.

What will work during the migration process?

  • Earn Saga Points with Icelandair and partners
  • check your last points balance
  • use points to pay for products on board
  • book flights with points and payment

Unavailable services during the migration

  • Update of personal details on My account
  • Saga Points Overview
  • Hotel bookings with Points
  • Flight bookings with Points with Partner airlines
  • Actions through
  • Upgrades for Points
  • Buying Gift Certificates for Points
  • Donating your PointsΒ to a good cause

If you are trying to use any of the above services, make sure you are doing it before June 11 or wait until the migration has been completed on June 13. I also recommend you to take a screenshot of your account balance and latest history. Just in case there are issues and you lose points during the transfer, which is very unlikely. But it’s always good to have a backup.

The partnership with Alaska Airlines will be affected too during the migration process. If you have to fly during the migration period, make sure you keep copies of your records like itinerary and boarding pass. Check back once the migration is done, if your points/miles have credited to your Alaska Airlines account.

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