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When I checked in to the Holiday Inn in Anaheim today I got a little voucher from the front desk. With this voucher I will receive 1000 points for watching a 90 second video. Sounds easy? I thought so too, but it wasn’t quiet as easy.

You have to go to this website: ihgrewardsclub.com/selecthotel

Once there you will see three fields. In the first two you have to enter your login credentials of your IHG Rewards Account. The third one is a promotion code which you will find on the voucher. This code is different on every voucher and only works once.

After that you get to another side with an embedded video. Here it started to get hard. There is no play/pause button and the video will start automatically. In my case I got big lags. The person was talking for maybe 2 seconds and then the video stopped to load again for the next 2 seconds. Now you can calculate how long it took me. I mean you can have it running in the background, but it’s annoying. I wish they had a pause button to have the video pre-cached and then play it. That would make it so much easier to view.

I don’t know why the video was slow. It was not the internet speed at the hotel. I was able to stream HD video content from YouTube without any problems.

Once the video finished playing you will get to another screen to apply for the IHG Rewards Club credit card. On this screen you find a little button to replay the video. Now the video opens in a lightbox and you have video controls. You can pause it now, let it cache and then play it continuous and smoothly.

But anyway 1000 points for watching this video is a good offer and easy to achieve.

Photo by IHG Rewards Club

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