Alaska Airlines: Get Bonus Miles for Tagging Your Bag at Home

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Alaska brought us the original 20-minute bag promise. If your bag is not at the baggage claim 20 minutes after the aircraft came to its final stop you get bonus miles or travel vouchers.

Delta Airline has now adopted this bag promise and also offers it.

But Alaska Airlines is continuously improving the bag check process. The offered self tag machines at the airport. You are now able to print your bag tag and put it on your checked luggage by yourself and can shorten the waiting time for an agent. You will use the Bag Drop line instead of the full-service line. Here is a list of cities that are eligible for self-tag bags.

Now they go one step further. You can now already tag your bags at home and have them ready for the airport. All you have to do is check-in online and print your bag tags. Now how will your printed paper stick to the bag? Very easy, Alaska Airlines offers reusable bag tag holders. You can pick them up at the airport or have them directly mailed to you. Be aware it takes about 5 business days to mail them to you. Unfortunately, you need a flight reservation to have them mailed.



If you check at least one bag at home you will get 1000 miles credited to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. If you credit your miles somewhere else, you won’t get the bonus miles. In total, you can earn up to 5000 miles, which means 5 times tagging at home. If you tag more as one bag you still get only 1000 miles per check-in. This bonus miles promotion runs from April 20 until October 20, 2015.

Photo by Alaska Airlines

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