Delta Airlines: Earn bonus miles when your bags arrive late at the carousel

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After all the bad news I read all the negative headlines about Delta Airlines recently, they are finally back with some positive news. They have a new “Bag on time” promise. If your bags are not at the carousel within 20 minutes you will get 2500 Skymiles as compensation for the waiting time. Some restrictions apply, like oversize and overweight bags are not eligible as well as “special items“. Lost, mishandled and damaged bags are also excluded. This promotion is only available for domestic flights and to Puerto Rico and must be operated by Delta Airlines. On a trip with different airlines, the final leg must be operated by Delta Airlines.

Your request must be submitted within three days after arrival on You will also find detailed rules and information on the same site.

The promotion starts today and runs through March 31, 2015. Hopefully, it gets extended for an unlimited time. This period is probably to actually see how much miles the would have to pay out and if it’s “worth” for Delta Airlines to do so.

Alaska Airlines offers almost the same service but you can select between a travel voucher or miles. How long do you usually wait for your bags?

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