[WA Residents Only] Earn Delta SkyMiles Based on Seahawks Performance and More

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Delta Airlines is continuously increasing their presence in Seattle. For a long time they partnered up with Alaska Airlines and you were able to earn and redeem miles on both airlines in either program. This came to an end earlier this year and ever since Delta is trying to increase its own presence in Seattle.

They started to add more direct flights from Seattle to compete with Alaska’s route network and also copied Alaska Airline’s 20-Minute Bag Guarantee (get bonus miles if your bags don’t arrive at the carousel after 20 minutes from the plane parking at the gate).

For a long time, Alaska Airlines partnered up with Seattle’s football team, the Seahawks. Russel Willson is Alaska’s CFO (Chief Football Officer) and both have worked together for a long time.

The Seahawks became more popular when they won the 2014 Super Bowl. Delta is trying to build up on the fame of the Seahawks.

Washington State residents can sign up for the Delta 12Status. Unfortunately, this promotion is limited to Washington State residents only, not to Seahawks fans in general, living in other states.

What do you get?

1 Mile for every passing yard in either a home or away game during the regular season (August 17, 2017, through February 4, 2018). Last year the Seahawks had over 4000 passing yards, which would give you 4000 free Delta SkyMiles.

Other perks:

If you fly Delta out of Seattle then you should sign up. The priority boarding privilege is a great deal and you get it for free.


You will get a lot of free miles and only have to hope that the Seahawks perform well this season. The season just started, so there is still plenty of time to sign-up for this promotion. This is a no-brainer for any Washington State resident.

Don’t you have a Delta account? Sign-up for one and bank the miles. Delta SkyMiles don’t expire. Meaning you don’t have to have any kind of activity on your account every 12 or 24 months.

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