Insane: Win Free Flights for a Year with United Airlines Including Polaris Business Class

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United is going crazy today. They announced an insanely good giveaway. It’s almost too good to be true and it is. United Airlines announced that you can win free flights for one year, including Polaris Business class. Polaris Business Class is United’s most luxurious and comfortable way to travel, especially international.

What can you win from United?

United is drawing 5 Grand Prize winners on July 1, which will each get one year of free travel. You are allowed to bring one designated partner along the way, but the partner has to be the same and can’t be changed. Choose wisely! 😉 

However, there is one gigantic catch. The one year of free travel is actually only a maximum of 26 round trip flights. Because the winner will be awarded 26 travel certificates, which are good for any United Airlines flight, including United Polaris but excludes all United and Star Alliance partner airlines. 

So if you win, you have to stay two weeks at each destination before you can continue on to your next one. 😉 How dramatic, right? Or if you are really want to go crazy, you can use them up in about 52 days of non-stop traveling internationally. I counted one day for outbound and one day for inbound on your roundtrip flights because they all have to originate in the US. But I think that’s more than enough flights for one year, after that you probably don’t even want to fly anymore and if so, you probably will only fly Polaris. 😉

Besides the grand prize, there are 30 additional prize drawings. One for each day of June. The winner of this prize will receive a roundtrip ticket for two anywhere United Airlines flys in any class of service. Of course, this does include United Polaris as well.

To get a shot at this, you have to get a shot or two. Literally! United wants you to upload your vaccination card to your Mileage Plus profile. That’s it. Well, of course, you have to get the shots first. If you haven’t gotten them yet you have to hurry, as the grand prize drawing is July 1st, 2021, and every day of June for the roundtrip tickets. You will cut it close if you haven’t gotten one yet.

The sweepstakes registration period ends on June 22, 2021.

I am fully vaccinated already for a while now and will definitely try my luck. I am also so ready for vacation. Instead of getting locked down, I had to work more last year than ever in my life before and haven’t had a vacation or long weekend since January 2020. Will I win? Most likely not. I never got lucky with stuff like this but hey it’s worth a shot, either way. Get it, a shot! 😉 

This would also give me a chance to take a trip on United’s Star Wars plane.

United wants to encourage more people to get vaccinated. This is great, but as you have to get the 2-dose shots about 3 weeks apart, they should have announced the giveaway earlier. 

Find more information about the giveaway and the terms and conditions on United’s website

I wish everyone good luck and a good shot or two.

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