Blue Angels at the Great Florida Air Show 2021

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I was on my way to Florida when I found out that the Great Florida Airshow will be the same weekend I will arrive in Florida. Air Shows are just wonderful to capture great pictures of aircraft flying low and pilots showing off their acrobatic skills. 

Usually, airshows feature either the NAVY Blue Angels or the USAF Thunderbirds as one of their highlights. Just after landing in Miami I scrolled through my Twitter feed and found out about the airshow. I arrived late Saturday night and decided to sleep in a bit the next day and get on the way to the airshow around noon on Sunday. Before leaving on the 2.5-hour drive, I got my camera ready. Checked my batteries and emptied my memory card to get lots of pictures.

Once I arrived at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport, I saw people parking all over the place around the perimeter of the airport to watch the airshow. To be honest, I didn’t plan either on getting inside the airshow and pay the $50 entrance fee as half of the show was already over for that day. 

I parked in a parking lot at a side street of the airport and walked closer towards the airport perimeter to get a better line of sight. As I arrived I was able to catch the second to last act which gave me a sense of the flight path the planes will take inside the airport. 

Watching the Blue Angels is always a blast. I got a perfect spot outside the perimeter fence on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Even tho it is dubbed the Big Florida Air Show I think there are better air shows which are actually “bigger”. Anyway, air shows, no matter what size, are always fun for me. My favorite so far in Florida was the Air and Sea Show in Miami Beach in 2019.

Below my pictures from the air show. Enjoy!


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