Install Canon Software without a CD

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With your Canon DSLR you got a CD with helpful and great software of Canon. Especially the EOS Utility is a very useful tool. But if you lose the CD, you are in trouble. Because you can’t just download the software. There are updates available for the software, which actually contain the complete software itself, but you must have the software already installed or insert the CD in your CD-Drive to get the installation going. I was looking for a way around that. My problem was that I bought a Ultrabook which had no CD-Drive. Ok let’s get going….


First you need the software from the Canon site you’d like to install. For example EOS Utility or PhotoStitch. Go to the Canon homepage and search for your camera model. There you will find all necessary downloads.

Now we have to do some modifications on the Windows registry. You can use my attached file here or just do it yourself manually. If you use the file, which will automatically add the necessary keys for all Canon Software products, remember to be on Windows 7 or Windows 8. I haven’t tested it with any other version of Windows.
Canon Software Package RegistryKeys Win7/8
If you would like to do it manually, you have to follow these steps…

Open up the start menu and type “regedit”. Now the registry editor opens. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Wow6432Node

Now look and see if you can find a registry key with the name “Canon”. If not you have to create it, otherwise go to the next step. To create the key right-click “Wow6432Node” and select New -> Key and name it Canon.

Now you have to add the following keys with the same procedure as above. But you have to add them under Canon not anymore Wow6432Node. Only enter the names in the quotation marks but without themself.

  • “EOS Utility” – EOS Utility
  • “DPP” – Digital Photo Professional
  • “PhotoStitch” – Photo Stitch
  • “Picture Style Editor” – Picture Style Editor
  • “ZoomBrowser EX” – ZoomBrowser EX

Now you can install the software you just downloaded from the Canon site. It should work without any problems. In my case this method worked just fine.

That’s it my friends. You are ready to go.

Warning: Modifying the registry could harm your system. You are doing it on your own risk.

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