The Hidden Landcruiser Heritage Museum in Salt Lake City

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This museum is one of a kind and it’s amazing. Once you know about the museum, you want to visit it but did you know it existed? I didn’t for a long time as it is hidden in plain sight. The museum is housed inside an old warehouse right next to a busy street leading into the city and traveled by thousands of cars every day. But how was it able to stay so hidden and secret?

The answer is easy. There are no fancy or flashy neon signs pointing anywhere to this location or even any sign on the building itself. This place is just sitting there and nobody knows what it is. The only time you see a sign is when you walk past the small and inconspicuous entrance door to the museum when they are open. Then and only then you see a small sign sitting outside the door letting passing people know that they are open. However, it won’t be easy to spot this sign from the streets while driving.

The Entrance

The museum is located close to many downtown hotels and you can just walk there. If you arrive by car there is plenty of street parking right in front of the museum and neighboring streets. The actual entrance is located on W 600 S between the brick building with “Midwest Gasket Co” and the gigantic billboard sticking out from the adjoining building. When the museum is open you can see a stand out in front of the building with the logo of the museum. The entrance door also has a small sticker with the museum’s logo.

The Museum

But once you walk through the door you are in a well-stocked Landcruiser museum. Featuring everything from the first ever sold Landcruiser in the United States, the 1958 FJ25 Toyota Landcruiser all the way to foreign specialty vehicles which were never even seen in the states. Check out specialty vehicles like fire trucks or the Hema Map Patrol Landcruiser.

This museum shows it all and is all about Toyota’s off-road vehicles. You get to see old and no cars, some old ones in better shape as new ones and vice versa. All these cars have a history to tell.

To hear the history of the many cars here, talk to the staff. They are so knowledgeable and can tell you everything about these cars. This is heaven for any off-road enthusiast and totally worth a visit.

Besides the actual cars, you can check out many memorabilia and shop at the small “gift shop” near the entrance door.

The Landcruiser Heritage Museum is also home to the Expeditions 7 trucks who drove on all seven continents on probably one of the most amazing road trips ever. This was my highlight of the museum and it’s remarkable what you can achieve. The trucks are lined up along the back wall of the museum and monitors show videos of the expedition. You can watch all these videos and more on the official Expeditions 7 website.

Check the place out for yourself. It’s easier as you think to visit this place. Check out the opening times below or have a look at the museum’s website for more up to date information. There is no secret password to get in, the only thing you have to know is the location and admission is for free.

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