Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Review

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After a long day of work in the field, I was looking for a place to stay nearby. I checked a few different hotel brands but I wanted to go mainly with Marriott to requalify for Ambassador Status next year as I am already so close. Luckily Marriott had quite a few properties in the area There were two Marriott Courtyards not too far from where I was working but the Marriott next to the Burbank Airport had a cheaper rate of only $188/night compared to the other properties. As an aviation geek, this is great news as well and after checking the hotel’s website, I was hoping to snag a room with an airport view. In the end, it turned out to be the best decision compared to the other available options.


The Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport is, as the name suggests, located right next to Hollywood Burbank Airport in Burbank, CA. The hotel is so close to the hotel, you can walk in 10 minutes from the hotel to the terminal. It’s probably faster to walk to the hotel than calling a ride-share or waiting for the complimentary hotel shuttle bus. However, if you travel heavy as I do. It’s definitely easier to wait for the hotel shuttle.

Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

It’s located off Hollywood Way which provides easy access to I-5. A Metrolink station is located nearby and is within walking distance from the hotel.


I was arriving by car at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport and it took me a second to find the main entrance to check-in. There is a big area in front of the main entrance where you could stop really quick to check-in and then park your vehicle. Well, that only works if other people actually know how to drive and now use the whole driveway for 2 vehicles because they think they own the place here. I had to take a quick loop around the driveway and was able to get a spot. I walked inside to the front desk to check-in. There was no dedicated line for elite members so I just waited as the four agents on duty were all busy with other guests and I had one guest in front of me. I arrived at about 5 p.m. and was worried there would be issued with room availability as I could overhear from other guests talking to the front desk agents. Once it was my turn, everything went well and no issues. I asked for a room with an airport view and was able to get it, even one on the top floor of the airport-facing tower. The agent asked me if I would park a car as well and after acknowledging that she asked for the make and model of my car. I received a parking pass to place inside my car. The gates in and out of the parking lot are always open and it seems people are abusing this and not letting the front desk know about their parked vehicle. But the next morning I saw many vehicles with paperwork on their windshield. Hopefully only a final warning and not a ticket. Yes, you have to pay for parking here, which is $24 + tax, but I think it’s probably cheaper than having to pay a ticket or having your car towed.

King Guest Room – Burbank Tower (Room 929)

I got a room on the top floor of the West Tower and a good airport view. As an aviation geek, I just love watching planes and the alternate view of the mountain area wasn’t that great either.

Burbank Airport

The room was exactly the room I had booked. I didn’t receive an upgrade to what they call a “bigger” guest room. The room is still spacious enough for me as I will spend most of the time out at work anyway.

King Guest Room

After walking into the room there is a closet to the left. In there is also a small safe. Right after the closet is the door to the bathroom. It features a shower-tub combination and opposite of it a vanity with sink and a large wall-mounted mirror. Right outside the bathroom, on the wall, you find a tall dressing mirror.


Followed by that is the main bedroom. The King bed is against the left wall and comes with a nightstand on either side. Each side of the bed also has its own individual light and reading light.

King Bed

Opposite the bed is a TV on top of a closet. One half of the closet houses a small refrigerator and the other one has drawers and additional storage space. Inside this half of the closet, you also find the ice bucket.

Closet with Refrigerator

Next to the TV is a nice work desk setup. On top of the desk is a light as well as the in-room phone. It still has enough space to set up your laptop and get work done. One leg of the desk is another but smaller closet with a drawer and some storage space underneath it. On the wall you find multimedia ports to connect your PC to the TV. You can choose between S-Video, RGB, VGA and HDMI ports to connect. The panel also has four power outlets and two are already used. One by the desk light and the other one by the small coffee maker on top of the closet. Unfortunately, no USB ports are offered here. There are no USB ports at all in the room.

Work Desk and TV

Next to the work desk is the AC unit, which is this time actually not mounted on the outside wall. This is good as it is far enough away from the desk to not blow constantly cold air on you when you sit at the desk.

The windows stretch over the full width of the room and about half as tall as the room itself. You used to be able to slide part of the window open but that isn’t possible anymore. Also, the windows were quite dirty but this is the photographer talking. You still get a good view just by looking out of the window. You can see planes land and take off from the Airport. You actually have one of the best airport overlooking spots from this hotel.

Sunset over the airport

Because you are facing west, you get a lot of sunshine in the room, which will heat it up. You can use the black-out curtain to limit sun exposure. Depending on the time of the year and which room you get exactly, you might get the sun shining on your face just before sunset. On the other side, you have a good view of the sunset as well from the room.

In the last corner of the room is another chair with an ottoman. Next to the chair is a small table and a light stand is located behind the chair.

2 Double Bed Suite – Hollywood Tower (Room 764)

During another stay at the hotel, I was able to score a complimentary suite upgrade. The suite is located in the East Tower aka Hollywood Tower. When you enter the suite you will first notice the tiled floor around the entry area. This probably also doubles as the “dining area”. In the corner is a small round table with two chairs. Along the wall is a countertop with drawers and shelves. It also houses a small refrigerator. However, there is nothing else in the room which would allow you to prepare any kind of food. No microwave, stove, or anything else. Only a coffee maker and an ice bucket.

2 Bed Suite

The rest of the suite, besides the bathroom, has a carpeted floor. Following the dining area is the living area. There you find a small sofabed which has a small table on either side with lights on top of them. You also find a sofa chair with an ottoman next to the sofabed.

Opposite the sofa is a large TV on top of a closet with a few empty drawers. Next to the TV is a work desk which comes with an office chair.  To the right of the table is a multimedia panel where you can plug in different devices to the TV. Besides that, there are a few power outlets and a USB port which can be used for charging.

The bedroom is separated from the rest of the suite by a regular door. Inside the bedroom are two double beds with a nightstand in the center of both. Each bed has a reading light mounted to the headboard. There are two power outlets mounted in the center of the headboard, between the two beds. However, there are no USB ports for charging your devices. There is one design flaw in the bedroom. If you use the bed next to the window the A/C will blow the cold air straight into your face, which could be uncomfortable.

Opposite of the beds is another but smaller TV on top of a closet with extra storage space. Next to the bedroom door is a full-size wall closet. Next to it is the bathroom door.

The bedroom has a smaller TV

The bathroom itself is well-sized and has enough space to move around comfortably. One side comes with a vanity and a large wall-mounted mirror. On the other side is a shower-bathtub combination.


Both rooms, bedroom and living room have a window facing east with a view of the adjoined convention center and the mountains.

Mountain View

Public Areas & Amenities

The Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport consists of two towers referred to as West and East Tower and on their website sometimes also as Burbank and Hollywood Tower respectively. When entering through the main entrance, you will enter a part of the building which is directly attached to the West Tower/Burbank Tower. To get to the East Tower you will exit another set of double sliding doors which brings you by the Eat Drink Be Restaurant on the one side and the pool on the other side. More about these two later.

The East Tower has another exit that gets you out to a courtyard which is located between the East Tower and the Marriott Convention Center. This is also the closest exit to the huge parking lot, which is right in front of the Marriott Convention Center.

When you enter the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport you have the bell desk on your left-hand side. They can help you with a luggage cart to unload your luggage and bringing it to your room. Behind the front desk are a few meeting rooms which were used by a dance competition during my stay. Furthermore, the lobby has plenty of chairs and seats to hang out and relax. I always saw people having their breakfast in the lobby as the breakfast restaurant (Daily Grill) doesn’t offer any dine-in for breakfast but for dinner. This is strange, but these are the times we live in.

Business Center & Gift Shop

Next to the elevator lobby in the West Tower is a small business center with a few workstations and space to set up your own gear. You can print boarding passes for free but if you want to browse the web you only get the first 30-minutes for free. Every 15 minutes thereafter are $6.95. However, you have to provide a credit card when you log in, even for your first 30 minutes. If you are looking to print, only the first 5 pages are free, every page thereafter is $0.20. Alternatively, you can print directly from a USB thumb drive, which makes it easier and faster than using their terminals and there is also no limit.

Business Center

In front of the elevator lobby are some more seating options. When you continue past the business center you will get to the Daily Grill Restaurant, which is the main breakfast spot for the time being here.

In the area next to the Business Center and in front of the Daily Grill restaurant is the hotel’s gift shop. Which is currently closed due to Covid-19 and parts of it got relocated next to the front desk. Here you can buy snacks and drinks.

Pool Areas

As mentioned earlier, when you walk between the two towers, you will pass the East Tower Pool. This pool is actually located right in the middle between the two towers and was open for business during my stay. Around the pool you find plenty of loungers and a few cabanas. There are also plenty chairs in the pool area to sit down. Everything is on a first come first serve base.

There is another, more secluded pool next to the West Tower. Even though the pool is located on the ground floor, you have to take the elevator of the West Tower up to the second floor and when you exit the elevator go to the right. At the very end of the hallway, right before the exit staris is another elevator which is basically the staff elevator but open to the public to reach the pool. Call the elevator and take it back down to the lobby level. Exit and you will see the West Tower Pool and Whirlpool straight ahead of you. During my visit, this pool was closed all the time except for a few hours when they did maintenance at their East Tower Pool. Are you confused yet? 😉 It gets better. You can call the staff elevator from every floor in the West Tower to get down to the Lobby level, but you cant exit at every floor. For some of them you have to enter a code, as mentioned on the info sheet inside the elevator. if your room is on one of these floors, take the elevator to the second level get off and use the main elevators you would normally use to get to your desired floor.

West Tower Pool

Fitness Center

The fitness center is open 24 hours a day and is located on the ground level inside the East Tower. When you enter the East Tower coming from the West Tower, the fitness center, or health club as it is called here, will be on your right. It is separated into two rooms – Cardio Room and Weight Room. Inbetween you find a rack with towels for your workout and a refrigerator with complimentary fresh and cold waters. Near the rack are also the pool toilets which can be accessed from the health club side or directly from the pool area.

Water Station and Towels between the two workout rooms

Shuttle Service

Besides rides to and from the airport, the complimentary hotel shuttle can also take you to Universal Studios and the Studio Tour. This is the information I got from one of the front desk agents. However, when you are on hold on their phone system, they also talk about shuttle service to the Burbank Town Center. However, the agent I spoke to, told me they never offered rides to the Town Center. They might alter the shuttle service from time to time. It’s best to talk to one of the agents.


Daily Grill

The Daily Grill Restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner at the hotel. However, for breakfast, only take-out is offered. The regular breakfast menu is different from that what you get as a Marriott Bonvoy Member which would have Concierge Lounge Access. Access to the Concierge Lounge is granted for members holding Platinum, Titanium and Ambassador Elite status with Marriott Bonvoy. This is due to the closure of the Concierge Lounge because of Covid-19.

Daily Grill

The complimentary breakfast for elite members includes the following items:

  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Breakfast Scramble
  • Two Eggs Any Style
  • Healthy Start (Low-fat greek yogurt, homemade granola and fresh berries)

Besides that, you have a choice of different juices and complimentary coffee, which is available for everyone and handed out at the lobby, next to the front desk.

For lunch and dinner, you can actually choose to dine in or order for take-out. The Daily Grill is also fulfilling room service orders and the menu is the same as the dine-in menu. Room service will add a $3 service charge and an 18% gratuity automatically on every order.

Eat Drink Be (EDB)

Is an outdoor dining spot next to the main entrance and between the two hotel towers. You need to wait to be seated or choose a spot around the bar. Besides serving great drinks, their menu also offers a great selection of food. Service seems to be a problem because they are understaffed at the moment like so many other places all over the country.

E Double Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

Snacks & Beverages

Next to the front desk is a small snack and beverage area where you can pick some light snacks like granola bars and different kinds of beverages like Pepsi products, water and Red Bull. The price will be charged to your room. Elite members who would have Concierge Lounge Access (Marriott Bonvoy Platinum, Titanium & Ambassador Elite Members) can choose whatever they want and it is all complimentary. You can come back as many times as you want during your stay and it is all complimentary for your stay. Just talk to one of the front desk agents and give them your room number.

Snack Station next to the front desk


This Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport is a great location to visit Burbank and Hollywood and the rest of the area. It is very close to the Burbank/Hollywood Airport and very close to the Waner Brother Studios and Studio Tour.

The staff is super friendly and helpful all the time. It seems they are still a little bit understaffed because of the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There are only a few servers working the Daily Grill and EDB.

Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

Marriott Bonvoy Elite members who would get access to their lounge get free snacks and beverages from the selection next to the front desk. However, make sure that they don’t charge you when you check out. It happened to me, but it might have been a misunderstanding as well, as I always went to the front desk to show them what I took. Because it’s in a public place, I didn’t want to raise any concerns that I am stealing things. The front desk agent told me just to take it and I don’t have to worry about going to the front desk and let them know. They might ask me for my room number when they see me and would have concerns. Either way, it’s great that you get these small snacks and beverages for free.

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