You Won’t Find Your Marriott Free Night Certificates in the Marriott Bonvoy Android App

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We now have mobile apps for everything. All businesses want us to install their mobile app on our phones as well. Most of the time, mobile apps make life easier. Apps on our phones, when done right, are just amazing tools to make our life easier.

For some reason Marriott doesn’t believe in that philosophy and you get “Bonvoyed” when using the Android version of their mobile app. I know a lot of people are obsessed with Apple and its iPhone. However, Android is number one when it comes to market share

Does Marriott not care about all these people using Android devices?

Marriott has an App for Android and iOS. Both are very similar and offer almost identical functionality.

Marriott Bonvoy
Marriott Bonvoy
Price: Free

There is one big issue with the Marriott Android App. You won’t see your free night certificates. You earn free night certificates as your choice benefits when reaching status levels or if you hold one of the Marriott Bonvoy credit cards.

Both apps show you your points, your suite upgrade certificates and other account-related information. For some reason, they won’t give you your free night certificates.

I messaged Marriott on Twitter, I called my Marriott Ambassador, I emailed them. Nobody believes me that you can’t see the free night certificates in the (Android) app. 

The reps gave me all kinds of answers.

  • It is supposed to work
  • It does work
  • I need to re-install the app for it to work
  • The app has limits and might not show (That is kinda true, as the app is only as good as the developer behind it. When I talked to this rep, she and I didn’t know that you can actually see your certificates in the iOS app)

Marriott App on an Apple iOS or iPad OS device

I also installed the Marriott app on my iPad, yes I do have an iPad, I was able to see my free night certificates there. Exactly how it should be. Every other major hotel chain shows me my free nights in their Android app.

Marriott Bonvoy App on an iPad

Marriott App on an Android device

So far nobody could answer me, why the certificates are missing in the Android app. I am a Marriott Ambassador ever since they started the Marriott Bonvoy Program. Yes, I spend a lot of money at Marriott properties, but that doesn’t mean everyone who does that has an iPhone. I am actually a big Android fan, ever since it rolled out.

As of right now, every Android user, who has the Marriott app installed, has to use Marriott’s website to see their certificates.

Marriott Bonvoy App on an Android device

When you check the screenshot of the Android app, you won’t find your free night certificates listed there. No, re-installing the app, doesn’t fix the issue either.

Will Marriott ever fix this problem? I don’t know, as nobody really seems to care. Is it maybe really just me? How? I have the app installed on multiple Android devices, even different versions of the OS and still, I can’t see my free nights on any of them.

Who else is using the Marriott Android app? Can you see your free night certificates in the app? Let me know in the comments.

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