Marriott Rewards: Earn Badges and additional points

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Just discovered, by browsing through my Marriott Rewards Account, that you can earn badges. I am a big fan of badges and achievements and got hooked to them in various PC games. Now they come to the travel industry. That is another way to attract the loyalty of members and make them stay more often at the brand.

For some of the badges you even get additional bonus points. But only stays after you opt-in count towards the badges. Your previous stays don’t count. That is the only bad part about it.

Marriott Rewards Badges

I also don’t know if this badges will be visible to other members or friends later on. Right now it’s only for your own profile. To opt-in to the badges go to your Marriott Rewards profile and just set a check mark. That’s it. Pretty easy and a cool thing.

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