How Here Maps from Nokia saved my day

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I was driving to a project in Portland, Oregon. The way to get to Portland is easy just follow I-5 and you are there. I arrived late night at the hotel near the airport and after I settled in, my phone rebooted and got stuck in boot-screen. After little research on the Internet I found out that the phone’s chip is broken.

Well that left me with no phone which has an active data connection for the next day. I had a second smartphone with me, but with a German SIM and data roaming would just be outrages. But on that phone I had already Here Maps installed to test them out. I started downloading the map for Oregon via the hotel Wi-Fi and after I got that setup, I entered my destination address to see if the app will recognize it. Done! I played a little bit with the app and checked out all the possible settings. Also installed a Hi-Fi voice, which is also for free. Yes I forgot to mention, the app, map downloads and everything is for free. The only thing you have to do is, sign-in with your Facebook account or sign-up the old-fashioned way with email and password.

Here Maps

Next morning I headed out and the app guided me directly to my destination without any bigΒ hassle. It even has a setting which will alarm you, if you are over the speed limit. Well this feature needs some improvement, because me being on a major Interstate, the app got the speed limit wrong by 5 mph. Speed limit on the road was 60 mph and app told me it would be only 55 mph. But I can live with that, it was more important for me to get a good guidance to my destination. That’s what Nokia’s Here Map did. This made my day.

The app is available for Android and Windows Phone. Nokia/Microsoft Lumia owners get even more from Nokia Here. Checkout the website. iOS will be availabel soon.

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