Sign up for Shell ClubSmart and get 50 Bonus Points

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First of all, if you are in the U.S. the program is not available here yet and who knows if it ever will be. But if you live in Europe or one of the listed countries listed on the picture below you can sign up for the Shell ClubSmart Card.

Shell Clubsmart Countries

It depends in which country you live you get different points just for signing up. If you sign up in Germany with the promo code MCDSCS15 you get an extra 50 Points. This promo code is valid until the 4th of March 2015. Also if you are a member of Germany’s Automobile Club ADAC, make sure you sign up with your membership number. You only have to present then your ADAC card and you will get double points for fuels.

But why signing up? That way you get an extra amount of points even if you pay with credit card. You can redeem your points for goodies at the Shell station or in the online catalog. Big advantage also you can redeem your points 1:1 to AirBerlin’s topbonus frequent flyer program. This helps you to collect even more miles for this airline.

Shell Motorist AppShell also has an Android and iPhone app to check your points and browse the catalog to see what items you can buy with your points. You also can check for the next Shell gas station and many more things.

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