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The world is still in a hard grip of the Coronavirus Pandemic and travel is almost impossible. But there is a chance for another life-changing trip for you. Well, at least for your name. Once again can you sign up for a Boarding Pass to a Mars mission by NASA.

NASA will actually include your name on the next mission. How they will add your name on the next mission, I am uncertain of. However, the last time all the names were stenciled onto a dime-sized silicon chip with an electron beam by JPL.

Back in 2019, I signed up for the NASA Preservence Rover mission, which launched last year and will land on the Red Planet on February 18, 2021. NASA will broadcast the event live.

Get your Boarding Pass

Right now you can sign-up for a boarding pass for a future Mars mission, which is scheduled to take off some time in 2026. Yes, it is still a long time until then, but by then we probably look back and the pandemic will be just another piece of our history.

Your NASA Frequent Flyer Account

Make sure when you sign up, to remember which E-Mail address you have used. Maybe you signed up for one of the previous missions (Orion Mission, Insight Mission, or Mars2020/Preservence Mission), then you really should use the same E-Mail address to get the mission added to your account. Don’t worry, you can look up your name and try your different E-Mail addresses if you can’t remember which one you used, before signing up for the next mission.

My Frequent Flier Account

This is a really cool thing NASA created here. It spreads the word about the mission(s) and people are more likely to engage. I am a big Space fan as you can probably see by the many rocket launches I attended in person.

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