TripIt Is Giving Away Another Round of Pro Subscription

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March of 2020 was when the big lockdowns all around the globe started. To help travelers out, TripIt gave away a six months Pro membership to everyone. TripIt wanted to help travelers to navigate the ever-changing flight schedules to get home safely or be able to get on essential trips. I was one of these essential workers, who never slowed down last year, instead, my workload increased tremendously. Not because of the pandemic, just with all the important infrastructure projects which were already scheduled to take off in 2020.

Originally the Pro membership was extended until September of 2020. After that, TripIt extended it once more until the end of the year.

With the start of the new year, TripIt just announced, that it will upgrade active users once again to a Pro membership for six more months. TripIt wants to help navigate the ever-changing travel environment during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find the new expiration date of your Pro membership in your account’s billing section. You don’t have to do anything to activate this new Pro membership extension. 

I received the email notification about that new complimentary Pro membership today. Check your accounts as you might have been already upgraded.

TripIt is really doing something nice here for everyone traveling. Air travel is on the rise again but most people are still not ready yet to travel and shouldn’t travel as per government mandates. 

I know we all have the urge to travel again, but it’s just not the time yet for everyone to travel. In detail, I am talking about leisure travel. If your trip is not essential, stay at home. I know it would be great to meet friends, go skiing, or just somewhere warm and hang out at the beach. The numbers in the U.S. are exploding and leisure travel doesn’t help the whole situation. Unfortunately, travel companies like airlines, hotels, and others want to assure us that it is safe to travel and kinda encourage travel, even for leisure trips. I know, these businesses are struggling. Especially airlines. 

My appeal to everyone, stay at home. This gives the people who have to go on essential work trips more safety and security as they also “risk” their lives to keep the country going.

Either way, TripIt can help you navigate these challenging times and keeps you updated about your itinerary. TripIt is my favorite tool to keep track of all my itineraries. It’s super easy to use and offers a ton of features for your travels, no matter if you fly or drive. Keep your travels organized – TripIt.

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