My New Favorite Android App to Track TV Shows

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Earlier this year I shared my favorite app to track TV shows. Since then a lot of time has past and somehow I found my new favorite. The app is called “Twee” and is amazing.

This app has a ton more features than the old app (Episodes) I used before.

Here a short list of the main features I like

  • Nice organized library with photo banner or poster view
  • Detailed information about the TV shows and the episodes
  • Backlog (get all the episodes you missed since a specific date)
  • Timeline
  • Archive, to keep your library better organized
  • Calendar shows upcoming episodes
  • Statistic shows how many shows, episodes you watched and how much time of your life you have wasted doing so.
  • Notification about upcoming episodes
  • Multiple accounts
  • Trending TV shows
  • Synchronization with (beta)
  • Local and Google Drive Backup and Restore Options
  • Widget
  • and much more

This is my new and favorite app to track the status of my TV shows. I love statistics in general and that’s why I love the statistics section inside this app as well. Always good to know how much time of your life you have wasted watching TV shows 😉

Even tho the integration is only in beta stage and has to be enabled in settings first. It took me a while to figure out how to sign in to trakt and sync my shows over to this app. Just slide out the menu on the left and click on the background image on top, behind your username (it’s default if you haven’t changed it).

The app is for free but will show some ads. You can pay for an ad-free version. is an independent service which offers premium subscriptions. You don’t need them to use this app.

Twee - keep track of tv-series
Twee - keep track of tv-series
Developer: ja1984
Price: Free+
Twee Library
Library Poster Layout
Twee Menu
Twee Settings
Twee Calendar

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