My Favorite Android App to Track TV Shows [UPDATED]

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Check out my new favorite app for tracking TV shows on Android. Click this box.


Keeping track of all the TV shows and which episode you have already watched can be tricky, especially if you are always on the move. I found my favorite app to manage and track TV shows.

I can not only check off already watched episodes or shows, the app also tells me the air date of new episodes (for the United States). The app has a nice and simple design and layout. The main screen, after opening the app, gives you the list of TV shows you have added to your personal library. It shows a banner of the show with the name and how many episodes you have watched (including the total number of episodes). It also shows you if there are any upcoming episodes. To add a new show, tap the + Button on the top and type the TV Show name. All the information will be downloaded automatically.


TV Show Selection
TV Show Selection

Once you click on a show, you get to see the list with all seasons and how many you have watched, displayed by a bar graph. If you swipe to the right, you get a small description what the show is all about; swipe to the left and the app tells you which episode you have to watch next, pending on your last watched episode. In the menu, you can select to mark the whole show as watched or refresh it.

TV Show Details
TV Show Details

Click at one of the seasons and you get the list with all the episodes for this seasons including title and air date. Here you can check of single episodes or mark the whole season as watched.

Season Details
Season Details

Clicking on one of the episodes brings up a small description of the episode and an option to mark this episode as watched. This can help you when you build your library. The short description might help you to remember if you have already watched this episode or not.

Episode Details
Episode Details

As I said the design is very simple but you will find everything you need quickly and easy. I especially like the main view of all the shows with banners. Reminds me a bit of my old media center I used to run on my PC. The best thing about the app is, it’s free.

Do you use a different app to track your shows? Can you recommend an App for iOS?

Episodes (TV Show Tracker)
Episodes (TV Show Tracker)
Developer: Jamie Nicol
Price: Free

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