One of the Busiest Terminals in the US Gets TSA PreCheck: Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX

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Finally, it is here. We all have waited a long time and now there is finally a TSA PreCheck lane at the Tom Bradley International Terminal of the Los Angeles International Terminal. I never understood why there was no PreCheck lane at one of the busiest terminals in the whole country. Many international carriers are now even part of the PreCheck program and this makes it even less understandable.

Now you don’t have to use the detour anymore about the semi-PreCheck lane downstairs, where you still had to remove laptops from your bag but shoes would stay on.

For a long time, I recommended the alternate route through the neighboring Terminal 4, which has a full PreCheck lane and has a connecting walkway back to the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). Terminal 4 is mainly used by American Airlines.

Depending on how long the security lines were at the security checkpoints inside the TBIT, it was faster to take the detour through the neighboring terminal or the semi-PreCheck downstairs.

How to use PreCheck at TBIT

The TSA PreCheck lane is to your left as you approach the end of this corridor. Take the escalators upstairs.

After collecting your boarding pass and dropping off your luggage, proceed to the security checkpoint at the end of the check-in hall. Hang a left and use the escalators to get upstairs to the dedicated PreCheck lane.

The escalators to your right will bring you to the regular security checkpoint.

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