Silvercar’s Newest Family Member – the Audi Q7

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Silvercar is welcoming a new family member which can be rented starting February 15, 2019. The new baby of the family is the Full-Size SUV Audi Q7. Find out more about the Silvercar’s Audi Q7. The Q7 is perfect if you need a car with a lot of cargo space for a road trip. If you have to drive on snow and ice, as you can find it in Denver and Salt Lake City, Quattro will be your friend. Quattro is the name of Audi’s all-wheel-drive system in their cars.

With this new member, Silvercar has now four Audi models for you to select:

  1. Audi A4 Sedan
  2. Audi Q5 Mid-Size SUV
  3. Audi A5 Cabriolet
  4. Audi Q7 Full-Size SUV
Silvercar Model Selection (Courtesy of Silvercar)


The Audi Q7 will be available for rent starting at these locations:

  • Denver – DEN

  • Phoenix – PHX

  • Salt Lake City – SLC

  • Los Angeles – LAX

  • Miami – MIA

  • Fort Lauderdale – FLL

  • Orlando – MCO


As you can imagine, the Q7 will be the most expensive car which you can rent from Silvercar. I tried numerous date and time combinations at the above-mentioned locations in February 2019 and the price for the Q7 was either $109+tax or $119+tax per day. In Miami, the A5 Cabriolet was the same price as the Q7.

It’s nice that Silvercar adds more and more models and it seems Audi, who acquired Silvercar, wants to use Silvercar as their new Audi on-demand service which is only available in San Francisco and extremely expensive.

I love Silvercar, as the process of renting a car is very easy, simple and you get a premium car with all the extras for free. Those free extras include satellite-navigation, SiriusXM, and you only pay toll fees for the actual tolls you used. No daily usage fee as with regular rental companies. On the other side, Silvercar doesn’t offer any upgrades. So if you want the Q7, you actually have to book it. There might be some extreme circumstances, but to try gambling to get an upgrade is almost impossible.

Hopefully, Audi knows what they are doing and where they want to go with Silvercar.


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