Review: Silvercar at Miami International Airport (MIA)

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Silvercar is a premium car rental company with a not so much premium price. I headed to Miami and needed a rental car for a few days. Avis was sold out and so I started looking for alternatives. Even tho I was pretty sure they would have availability again by the time I arrive in Miami, I still wanted to be safe and have a confirmed booking. I took the red-eye flight from San Francisco to Miami on American Airlines and arrived shortly after 7 a.m.

Once we touched down in MIA I checked my Avis app and I was right, they had availability again for my days in Miami. However, the prices were almost double than Silvercar’s price for the same timeframe and not even the same class of car.

Silvercar is easy to book via their app or online. I booked mine online and got a confirmation email shortly thereafter.

These are the steps to get your Silvercar at the airport.

  1. Claim your bags, if you have any, and head to the People Mover which will take you to the Rental Car Center.
  2. Once onboard the People Mover open your Silvercar app and notify them that you are arrived and are on the way to the Rental Car Center. Just click on the button in the app and it will open your default text messaging app. I also received an initial message from Silvercar itself before I even messaged them.
  3. Once arrived at the Rental Car Center exit the train veer left and head straight through the building and exit it at the other side. Keep left once outside and locate the silver Audi A4 at stall #1. If there is no car there, wait a few minutes and they will arrive shortly.
    MIA Rental Car Center
  4. Load up your bags and the driver will take you to the Silvercar facility which is located right behind the rental car center. It’s just a one minute ride.
    Stall #1 at the Rental Car Center with the silver Audi A4 from Silvercar
  5. Once there, check your car for any damage, “unlock” the car by scanning the QR code with your Silvercar app and accept the ToS, Insurance and damage acknowledgment. Done! Now you can drive off in your car and enjoy a marvelous ride.
    Silvercar MIA Station

I stayed in the same car as the once they picked me up with. Which was great and it saved me to unload my three heavy bags and loading it into another car.

  • Enjoy your premium car with great services.
  • Included in-car navigation
  • Free Wifi Hotspot
  • Free Satellite Radio
  • You only pay your actual toll fees, no daily charge or service fee for the transponder in your car.
  • You only pay for the gas it actually takes to refill the tank + $5 service fee. Which is better than the usual pre-paid gas at conventional rental car companies.

I enjoyed driving the Audi A4 and they finally have now backup-cameras. When I rented in San Francisco a while back, they didn’t have a backup camera or sensors. Which should be a must for a premium car. But Silvercar finally replaced all their “old” cars and upgraded to newer cars with backup camera. The 2.0 L Turbo-charged engine is powerful and gives you amazing driving performance which you probably can’t even fully use in the Miami traffic.

Silvercar in Miami

The best part is returning the car. Drive back to the Silvercar location, which is also saved as a favorite in the onboard GPS unit. A concierge will come out and check your car. Now the awesomeness starts!

He will take you to the airport in your car and drop you off curbside at the terminal and gate for your airline. This is an awesome service especially considering how long you have to walk to get from the MIA People Mover to the American Airlines terminal. That’s the most annoying thing at the Miami International Airport but Silvercar solved that. With every conventional car rental agency, you still have to take the people mover back and walk all the way to your terminal to be able to check in.

My Silvercar Concierge driving away after dropping me off.

Curbside Drop-off at MIA

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