Photo of the Week: Classic Cars in Pacifica

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Can you believe that this picture was taken with a smartphone? To be precise I took this picture with my LG V20 with a modified version of the Google Camera app to run on my phone.

I couldn’t believe what I saw when I came home one day after work. Right next to my hotel was this gathering of classic cars in the parking lot of Nick’s Restaurant in Pacifica. The sun was about to set and I headed there to have a look at the cars and take some pictures. All the cars were lined up nicely in the parking lot and it was awesome to check them out and travel back in time. The location was perfect as well for some good photos. Unfortunately, it would take me to long to grab my camera from the room and come back. So I decided to take some good photos with my smartphone.

I used a minimum amount of post-processing and mainly just adjusted the shadows to bring out more details in the picture. No filters were used in this photo. The sky was really that orange on that day. There was a lot of smoke in the air from all the wildfires north of San Francisco. The wind pushed all the smoke down south and that’s why we ended up with some smoke in Pacifica as well. The view was not too bad compared to other parts of the area, like San Francisco. However, the smoke in the air was just enough to give us this nice and orange sky.

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