Seattle Covered in Wildfire Smoke (September 2020)

Seattle, USA, Washington
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Wildfires are raging on the west coast with big fires in California, Oregon, and Washington State. I am sure everyone has seen the news or were directly or indirectly affected. On the weekend from September 11, 2020, until September 13, 2020, the smoke from the big wildfires in California and Oregon stretched all the way up past the Canadian border into Vancouver B.C. On the south side it covered areas all the way down to Tijuana in Mexico. I never saw that much smoke in my life and especially from fires that far away. 

I set out and took pictures in and around the city of Seattle and what it looked like when everything was covered in smoke. Heck, on Saturday the smoke was so bad in the afternoon, you could look directly into the sun without having to worry about your eyes. That means, there is a lot of smoke in the air. 

Fire and Smoke Map 2020-09-13 (Courtesy of NOAA)


In 2017 I was in San Francisco during another season of big wildfires and smoke across the Bay Area. However, the smoke in the air made for some gorgeous sunsets.

Wildfires and Smoke across the Bay Area in 2017

Photo Gallery

Seattle Stadiums as seen from the Dr. Jose P Rizal Bridge

Downtown Seattle as seen from the Dr. Jose P Rizal Bridge

Downtown Seattle as seen from Kerry Park

Gas Works Park as seen from Queen Anne

East Portal Viewpoint: Looking East towards Bellevue

BNSF Yard next to Boeing Field

View from Marshall Park just before Sunset

Museum of Flight

Smoke Free Park (Marshall Park)

Sunset Timelapse

I was hoping for a beautiful orange sky during sunset, as in my other picture. Unfortunately, the smoke was just to thick. The sunset behind the Olympic Mountains, which you can’t even see in the video with all the smoke.

We all hope the smoke up here in Seattle goes away soon as well as the fires get under control and completely contained. A big thanks to all the firefighters, their support staff, and volunteers.

It’s still very dry everywhere so keep in mind to not start new fires. Many of these fires got started by humans, some of them because people were stupid and reckless. Please all think twice before you play with fire. No matter how small the flame is, you can start a domino effect that can turn into one of these gigantic blazes you are reading every day now.

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