Photo of the Week: Downtown San Francisco at Dusk

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This photo was taken on my way back from Coit Tower in San Francisco. I was staying in the city and took a walk to Coit Tower to take some pictures of the sunset. On my way back I saw this impressive view of the city and had to snap a picture.

The tallest building in the middle of the photo is the Transamerica Pyramid, located in the Financial District of San Francisco.

Best part about the visit at Coit Tower was, that I met two german flight attendants. They had their first flight and came straight here to San Francisco and were watching the sunset as well.

Probably the most amazing coincidence was, that one of them lives in a small town I went to school and usually nobody knows that town. Not even in Germany. I grew up maybe 15 minutes away from there. The life is full of surprises. You have to fly 8000 miles across the world to meet people from your neighborhood. Amazing.

San Francisco at Dusk
San Francisco at Night


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