Photo of the Week. GM Renaissance Center in the Motor City

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Welcome to the Motor City. Detroit! The name Detroit is associated with cars. Sometimes in good and sometimes in bad ways. I like the city and the first building which pops out when you look at the skyline of Detroit is the GM Renaissance Center. Located directly on the Detroit Riverwalk along the Detroit River. Canada is just across the river and the city you can see from here is called Windsor.

The GM RenCen consists of the central hotel tower and four surrounding towers.

Some Facts

The GM Renaissance Center is an impressive building. It is the tallest building in Michigan with its 73 stories. It houses 29 restaurants, a Marriott Hotel with 1,300 rooms, 44,000 square feet of GM showroom (which is currently under construction and will re-open summer 2017)

Believe it or not, but the GM RenCen has its own zip code – 48243. That is pretty impressive. The central hotel tower is the tallest all-hotel tower in the western hemisphere. This will be one of my next hotels to review and stay at.

General Motors purchased the RenCen in 1996 for use as its global headquarter.

The rim lights of the towers change colors according to the main brands of the General Motors Group. GM (blue), GMC (red), Chevrolet (yellow), Buick (white)

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