Photo of the Week: Sunset over the Detroit Riverwalk

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Sorry guys but I couldn’t resist posting another picture of the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit. This picture was intended to capture the sunset along the Detroit Riverwalk. I just liked the view of Detroit right from the Riverwalk.

The picture shows Detroit’s most unique and distinguished building, the GM Renaissance Center. In the very back, you see the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit with Windsor in Canada. That’s right. Canada is just across the river. There are two main ways to get from Detroit to Windsor. Either via the bridge or you take the tunnel.

For some more facts about the GM Renaissance Center itself, check out my last photo of the week post. It has more detailed information on the building itself.

It was a gorgeous day and many people came to hang out along the riverwalk. I love what Detroit did to the riverwalk. It is a must see spot for everyone visiting. The riverwalk does not only offer great views of the city, you can also have a picnic here with the family, enjoy and relax. There is security on site for your safety.

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