Photo of the Week: Lewis and Clark Bridge

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This Lewis and Clark Bridge, over the Columbia River, is named after the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804. It connects the states of Washington and Oregon. I came across this bridge on my way to Astoria, OR and I used the first turn out to take this picture of the Lewis and Clark Bridge. It was taken on a rainy day and I got lucky that it just stopped raining when I arrived at the turnout. The view from here the turnout is great and really worth to stop for a picture if you are coming through this area. I like how the winds blow the smoke coming out of the chimneys away. Oregon and Washington state have so many historic places to see and explore. A lot of places look like they got trapped in time and still look like the good old days. While other places evolved over the decades and you bearly can make out their origins.

By the way, don’t confuse the names with Lois and Clark from Superman. The names sound similar but the bridge is not named after the movie characters. 😉

The picture is a hand-held HDR of 3 exposures. After merging to an HDR-photo some editing in Lightroom was done.

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